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What are the
Artwork Guidelines?


I want to set up my own artwork! How do I do it?


Required Bleeds and Margins

Artwork for print decals should be provided with a minimum 1/16" bleed and 1/16" margin between any artwork elements / text and the cut line. Vector paths should be provided with a spot color name of CutContour for kiss cuts or CutContourFlex for through cuts.

Bleeds should be single color (white or any other color) or there should be negative space between the colors in the case of decals. Bleeds can also be simple patterns or gradients, but complex bleeds should be avoided. Our machines are pretty accurate, but they aren't always perfectly accurate, and we can't guarantee perfection.


Required File Formats and Print Quality

In most cases, we prefer vector artwork (AI, SVG, EPS, some PDF) over raster images (JPG, PNG.) Smaller projects like stickers can be raster images if they're high quality, usually 300 DPI minimum. Banners and signs can also be provided as raster images, but they have to be designed to the print size and should be no less than 150 DPI. Whenever possible, provide vector images, as those will always scale the best!

We can print things at lower qualities, with your permission, but we will not be able to make any guarantees as to print quality with artwork that does not follow the guidelines above.

Contour Cut Line Requirements

For stickers or decals that follow the contours or general shape of the artwork, the cut line should be as smooth and simple as it can be. Extremely detailed or messy cut lines can lead to additional charges, as it will require much more time to cut and process. Additionally, a smooth and clean cut line will always look better in the end! If you're using Adobe Illustrator, make liberal use of the Simplify tool for best results!

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