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Design Services

Steamboat Willie excitedly points to the Vinyl Fire logo, then gestures towards a worried business owner holding a plain sign. With playful, exaggerated motions, Willie mimes crafting a vibrant, eye-catching sign. He hands it over, making the business owner smile with delight. The final scene shows the business owner proudly displaying the new sign, attracting happy customers. Through his antics, Willie demonstrates that Vinyl Fire is the perfect partner for bringing business ideas to life.

- Found note from a 1930’s cartoonist


At Vinyl Fire, we stand squarely somewhere between the stressed out business owner who has ideas but can’t quite figure out how to execute on their creativity, and the expensive brand management design firm that charges top dollar for their expertise.

Let us come alongside you and help you to take your ideas and make them tangible and amazing! Whether you just need to take your logo and make it a gigantic sign, or whether you just have the beginnings of an idea and don’t know how to bring it to life - we’re here for all of it.

You’ve got widgets to make and thingamajigs to sell! Let us deal with the CMYKs, DPIs and all of that sorcery so you can get to work. Just share that Canva project you’ve been working on, or that napkin drawing you spilled ketchup on and we’ll get to work. More than likely we can get you squared away starting at $45.00, and if not, we’ll help you know what to ask the other guys for your bigger project!

Our Designs Are Yours

Little is more disappointing than paying big bucks to get a logo, business card or sticker made and then realizing you don’t have a quality version of the artwork when you go to get them printed up again. We hope you’ll come back to us time and again to print your cool things, but if you want to take your artwork to another printer or need to make something we don’t yet offer, we’ll never hold your artwork hostage. Our policy is to charge a fair rate for our design services, and then to never try to pressure you to stay with us by withholding your files. We want you to love our work, not stay with us because you don’t want to start over.

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