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Vinyl Magnets

"Full-color printed vinyl magnets are a triumph of practicality and efficiency. Whether small magnets for advertisements or larger ones for temporary marking of your business's motorcars, they provide a dynamic, reusable way to ensure your message gets noticed.

It's about making your advertising work smarter, not harder."

— Henry Ford look-alike


What Hank means is this: Full-color vinyl magnets are super practical and efficient. Whether it's small ad magnets or ones for temporary use on your business's vehicles, they make sure your message gets noticed!

Our vinyl magnets are super-thin but hold on tight! So whether you’re zipping around town in your F150 or distributing fridge magnets to remind your customers who it was that made their latest plumbing nightmare a happy memory - it’s a great product!

Available in the same finishes as our stickers - shiny glossy or super-smooth matte, our premium magnets will make your business look top-tier wherever you throw them. Just make sure that “wherever” is clean.

Rectangles Are for Squares

Sure, you can cut magnets into boring squares and rectangles, but wouldn’t your logo look way better on a custom magnet that looks like it was made for your business? Not only do we have the tools and the technology to make quality contour cut magnets but we have the know-how to make it all look great. We can make all of the necessary changes and recommendations to ensure that your design translates to the perfect magnet - just give us a shout!

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